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Where it all began.

Carly’s Candle Company was born at the end of 2019, after the arrival of our little rainbow baby boy in May of the same year.

Whilst on maternity leave I began to loose my identity and I had just become 'Leo's mum', I needed to gain a little bit of me back as much as I loved being Leo's mum.

I had been making candles prior to falling pregnant but stopped due to the chemicals and potentially harming my unborn baby, and after suffering a silent miscarriage before falling pregnant with Leo I took things a lot more serious.

Whilst Leo was napping on my chest. I decided to start researching ways to become more eco friendly, and vegan conscious in our everyday life. I therefore combined these two things together, along with my prior knowledge of candle making, and I soon realised that a lot of products for your home are not eco conscious or vegan friendly or very safe for pregnancy, children or animals, due to the amount of toxins that are released. As soon as I spotted the gap in the market, I started creating my perfect candles and wax melts, that I would be happy to burn in my house and share them with our ever growing customer base.

Our range is now 100% Vegan friendly, Plastic Free, Eco conscious and our Candles are 100% refillable!!

Our collection consists of a range of scents across 2 sizes of cracking Wood wick candles, Wax melts, Infused snap bars and Reed diffusers.....with more to come.

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