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Carlys candle company, candle maker,

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, and to read all about us and what we do.


Carly’s Candle Company was born at the end of 2019, after the arrival of our little rainbow baby boy in May of the same year. 


So, I'm Carly, The owner, creator, designer and maker of Carly's Candle Company. I decided that after 6 months of maternity                              

leave I needed a little bit of me back, so whilst my little boy (Leo) was napping away, I decided to start researching ways to become more eco friendly, and vegan conscious in our everyday life. 

It took us along time to conceive Leo and we suffered a ‘silent’ miscarriage in between, when I finally fell pregnant I was avoiding anything and everything that has the smallest detrimental effect on a pregnancy. 

I therefore combined these two things together and started researching candles and other products for the home. I realised that a lot of products for your home are not eco or vegan friendly or very safe for pregnancy, children or animals, due to the amount of toxins that are released….


And, here we are, my second baby of 2019!

Thank you for reading it means a lot to us!! If you have any other questions then please drop me a message through our contact form. 

Carly xxx

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