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Focus - Stress reducing - Clarity 


Scent notes: 

Zingy Rhubarb mixed with hints of pear, apple, caramelised sugar and enhanced further by garden mint leaves and lemon. 


The most beneficial scents with this candle well-being assets are: 



Perfect for Focus, Increasing alertness and  Clarity.



Is a great scent to help you feel energised. It does this by working to reduce anxiety and depression. This combined gives a more soothing, calming and better mood by lifting your spirits. 



A zingy mood enhancing, stress relieving scent.


Our flowered wax melts are the perfect addition for your home, a brilliant way to quickly mask the smell of cooking or to freshen up a larger space. 


Each wax melt will last approximately 12 hours or 4 evenings, and they weigh 7 grams each. Made from 100% Soy wax and using our carefully selected fragrance oils, these wax melts are packed into Biodegradable and recyclable bags, and finished with a fully recyclable label. 


We now have two options, a tester pack of 2 wax melts or a larger pack of 6 wax melts. The tester packs are great to use to test out new fragrances, to see what wax melts, reed diffusers, room sprays or candles you want to invest in. 

The pack of 6 is a perfect choice if you have a particular favourite that you love.


Rhubarb & Mint Wax Melts

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