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A new delicious addition to Carlys candle company, these Spacemasks have been tried and tested by me and I love them!! 


What's in the box


From the moment you open the box and read how to use the mask you will be temptingly invited on a journey of relaxation. There are detailed instructions on the box and the pouches. The pouches have a best before date. We doubt it will come to that. Inside the pouch you will find the jasmine infused Spacemask. Now just place the Spacemask over your eyes and the loops over your ears. Recline and enjoy.


Spacemasks facts


The heating process works by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air. It is totally safe. The ever so relaxing jasmine is in a low concentration. So you can enjoy its fragrance without irritating the skin.


Even better: 


Eco conscious:

Both the box and the foil are recyclable.  

The masks are made of cotton and only contain essence of jasmine and iron powder so all entirely natural.


Safe for pregnancy: 

Nothing is absorbed, so this makes the perfect addition to a pamper evening. 


Vegan friendly: 

Vegan friendly and Cruelty free.


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